How to become a successful Java developer?

Java is a programming language expressly designed for use in the distributed environment of the Internet. It is one of the most powerful and leading language around the world. Many programmers start their career with Java.
If you are a Java developer or want to start your career as a Java developer, then you can follow the below points that make you a successful Java developer.

Deep understanding of OOP

Java is an object oriented programming language. To become a successful Java developer you must have deep knowledge and understanding of OOPs. If you don’t have a good idea on OOPS, then every feature you are using of OOP languages as procedural way. Even just studying OO principles doesn't help much. You should know how to apply those OO principles in designing a proper solution.

Master in Java core API

If you have theoretical knowledge of Java and don't know the language constructs and core APIs, then you are wasting your time to become a Java developer. Every Java developer should have very strong hands-on experience with core APIs like java.lang.*, I/O, Exceptions, Collections, Generics, Threads, JDBC etc.

Follow bugs and try to fix it

When you start writing code you will find many bugs and difficulties. You are not alone, many pro programmer face the same kind of situation. Follow each error message and try to solve the bugs step by steps. Not all bugs can be solved, but you will learn many things by facing bugs.

Learn from open source code 

A good developer knows how to use a framework. But a successful developer always tries to learn a new technique and style by studying the source code of various successful, popular frameworks where you can see the internal working mechanism of the framework and a lot of best practices.

Use standard library instead of writing your own from scratch

Writing code is fun. But wheel can't be reinvented. You should use an existing standard library which is already tested, debugged and used by others. This not only improves the efficiency of the programmer, but also reduces the chances of adding new bugs in your code. It also makes your code readable and maintainable.

Know different development methodologies

Now-a-days choosing the development methodology is depending on the client. Some clients prefer Agile and some clients are happy with waterfall model. So, be familiar with various kinds of methodologies like Agile, SCRUM, XP, Waterfall etc.