Apple music, Huawei make India 5G, Facebook blood donor, Google Family link app, Microsoft fluent design, Google two-factor authentication

Apple music has over 30million subscribers

After the release of Apple music subscription, the subscriber count touched the 30-million mark. The company also takes the competition from free services like YouTube but as per Jimmy Iovine, its music streaming service needs to be more than just about music.

Google plan to upgrade two-factor authentication

Google plans to improve its two-factor authentication tool. The new service will be called Advanced Protection Program and potentially slated to launch next month. It will be totally different from standard authentication process for services like Gmail and Google Drive with physical USB security keys.

Huawei aims to make India 5G ready

Huawei began investing in 5G research in 2009 and ensured that the commercial roll-out of the 5G network in the country happens along with the developed global economies of the world.

Facebook now help to find blood in India

You can sign up as a blood donor on Facebook from 1st October - the National Blood Donor Day. This new feature will help donors, patients, and hospitals connect more easily.

Amazon is beating Google in the race of home computing

Many companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung are all chasing voice-based artificial intelligence with smart digital assistants. But, Amazon is going one step further with the lunching of Echo Plus. It can directly setup and control connected home gadgets and appliances without any apps or skills.

Google is directly targeting Amazon by new Family link app

Google's Family Link app enable parents to hand down their old Android gadgets to their kids without worrying about what they could end up downloading from the Play Store or finding online. This app is directly targeting Amazon and its kid-friendly Fire tablets with Family Link. 

SpaceX reduced size of it's Mars rocket to save costs

Elon Musk says that SpaceX has shrunk the size of the rocket ship to save costs which will go to Mars. The company aiming to start construction on the first spaceship in the first half of the 2018.

Microsoft fluent design in new Windows 10 preview build

Microsoft released a new Windows 10 Insider Preview Build that shows off the future design, which is the part of the next Windows 10 version - codenamed Redstone 4.