All iPhone models at lowest prices in Flipkart, Motorola’s Moto X4, Saudi Arabia lift ban on Internet calling, Nest doorbell Hello

Flipkart will offer all iPhone models at lowest prices from mid night

Good news for iPhone lover, Flipkart announced that it will be offering all iPhone models at lowest prices from Wednesday midnight. But, Flipkart has not shared the exact prices just as yet.

Motorola’s Moto X4 is first Android One with Project Fi

Google and Motorola announced that the Moto X4 will be a Android One smartphone with Project Fi support. The Project Fi Moto X4 will cost $399 and come in two colors: black or silver and available for preorder starting today.

Saudi Arabia will lift ban on Internet calling apps

Finally, Saudi Arabia plan to lift ban on internet calling applications. Soon people will be able to use WhatsApp and Skype to call their nearest and dearest one.

Google is close to purchasing HTC assets

Tomorrow, their have a major announcement about HTC and it's future. Report claiming that Google is closing in on a deal to acquire “assets” from the company.

Nest unveiled a smart doorbell Hello

Nest is bringing a smart doorbell called Hello, a small, remote-sized device that can stream live HD video to your phone and send and receive audio. The Hello doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, but it has a 160-degree camera which able to see packages laying on the ground or even very tall guests standing at your door.

WhatsApp refused to build a backdoor for the UK government

As per Skynew, popular massaging app rejected a UK Government request to create a way to access encrypted messages earlier this year. The British Government reportedly asked WhatsApp to produce technical solutions that would allow access of encrypted messages for investigations into terrorism and serious crime. 

Google Pixelbook may come with stylus support

As per the new leak, Google is bringing back the Chromebook Pixel with different name - Google Pixelbook. It’ll be high-end for a Chromebook and support a stylus and flip around to function like a tablet.

Safari 11 for Mac users stops audio from autoplay

After iOS11, Apple also bring update for your Safari browser for Mac users. The new Safari v11.0 update brings a few new improvements and performance enhancements, but the most notable feature is that Safari will now stop audio from playing automatically on most sites.