Xiaomi Mi A1, Google Photos. Tiny GTX 1080 card, Street View cameras


Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One phone launched in India -

Xiaomi has unveiled its first stock Android phone - Xiaomi Mi A1. It is a part of Google's Android One project. The new Xiaomi Mi A1 also comes with dual rear cameras, the new trend for affordable smartphones in the Indian market.

YouTube-MP3 agrees to shut down due to copyright infringement lawsuit -

Germany based YouTube to MP3 converter website, youtube-mp3.org has agreed to shut down indefinitely. YouTube-MP3 is claimed to be the world's leading YouTube audio ripping site that allowed users to convert YouTube videos into audio mp3 files for free.

Google Photos gets cache feature on the video replay-

The latest update to the Google Photos app brings along a new cache feature that essentially allows users to replay videos without using additional data. It will locally store cache data of videos viewed by user to preventing them from wasting additional data to watch the same videos again.

Gigabyte’s new tiny GTX 1080 card -

After shrinking last year’s GeForce GTX 1070, Gigabyte announced an equally small GTX 1080. It is just 6.7 inches long, which is nearly 5 inches shorter than a regular GTX 1080, which is designed to fit inside a mini-ITX case.

Google has updated its Street View cameras -

For the first time in eight years, Google has refreshed the design for the cameras used to capture Street View images. The new camera rig will help capture photos that are clearer, higher in resolution, and more vivid in color.