Google App, Telegram, AI will be the ruler, Elon Musk, ACT Fibernet, Super Mario Run

Google app gets search trending feature for iOS -

Google's search app has now got a Twitter-like trending searches feature on iOS. App also provide instant answers to queries before you even complete the search. In fact, Google will show you results even if you make a typing error.

iPhone 8 might let you activate Siri with the power button -

Apple has reportedly come up with at least one new way of triggering Siri with an actual button on the device. On iPhone8, Siri will come out using the power button.

Updated Telegram brings improved replies and More -

Telegram has introduced a host of changes with the latest version of the app. It has improved the replies feature, added favorite stickers, and completely redesigned the Invite Friends. 

The nation that leads in AI will be the ruler of the world say Vladimir Putin -

Russian president Vladimir Putin predicted that whichever country leads the way in AI research will come to dominate global affairs. Both China and the US are currently researching this technology, and in his speech on Friday, Putin predicted that future wars would be fought by countries using drones.

Elon Musk says AI will likely be the cause of World War III -

Elon Musk supported Russia president, predicted that the country which makes major investments in AI research will dominate global affairs. He also chimed that that competition for superiority in AI at national level would most likely be the cause of World War III.

Supreme Court asks Google, Facebook to give inputs on objectionable videos -

Internet giants like Google, Yahoo, Facebook WhatsApp were today directed by the Supreme Court to furnish details of complaints they have received in India about the uploading of objectionable contents on child pornography, rape and gangrape. 

ACT Fibernet start offering up to 150Mbps broadband -

ACT Fibernet has now upgraded broadband connections to speeds of up to 150Mbps in Bengaluru. ACT Progress plan will offer 150Mbps speed with FUP limit set at 1000GB.

Super Mario Run gone from Apple's App Store -

Nintendo’s first big smartphone game, Super Mario Run has gone missing from Apple’s App Store. When you select to view Super Mario Run in the App Store, it comes up item not available. But, it’s still available for download via the Google Play Store.

Netflix quietly rolls out HDR video streaming -

Netflix has added the HDR video streaming features on Galaxy Note 8, which should make the format relevant to a much bigger audience when the phone is released on September 15th. Only Netflix subscribers with the top-tier 4k streaming plan will be able to watch HDR video on their phones.

Locky Ransomware not effective in India - 

As per Computer Emergency Response Team, a new ransomware called 'Locky' Spread in Indian cyberspace, but no incidents has been reported in India till date.