Jio phone pre-booking, Twitter, Snapchat scripted content, Google Pixel, Windows 10S

Jio server crashed on first pre-booking day - Finally Jio Phone pre-booking have started but it seems not many people are able to book the handset right now. Due to the heavy traffic, and MyJio app is slow to respond even an hour and a half after the Jio Phone pre-bookings officially started. Millions of consumers are disappointed.

Snapchat scripted content
Snapchat planning for scripted content - By the end the year, photo sharing
platform Snapchat is likely to move into scripted content. The company has linked with many established entertainment players, including TV networks NBC and ABC, the BBC, Vice Media, and a $100-million agreement announced in June with Time Warner, which has committed to producing up to 10 new Snapchat Shows.

Jio users can get up to 10GB of additional data on Oppo smartphone - Oppo announced that the company has joined hands with Reliance Jio to offer special benefits to those customers who will purchase the their smartphones.

Twitter for Xbox One - New update on Twitter app for Xbox One let you log into your Twitter account to see your own timeline alongside videos or relevant tweets. You can also watch two videos side-by-side now, and access free video or Periscope streams.

AccuWeather deflects blame after selling users’ data - AccuWeather sends users' GPS coordinates, MAC address of their Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth status to a company called Reveal Mobile, which sells the information to retailers with the promise of helping understand the path of a consumer and where they go throughout the day.

Google's next gen Pixel
Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL 2 Launch Tipped for October 5 - Google will take to the stage again to announce its Pixel 2 generation of devices on October 5th. The tweet by Blass also mentions that the Pixel handset will pack Qualcomm's Snapdragon 836 SoCs.

Robot Priest
A robot named Pepper is now a Buddhist priest - SoftBank's humanoid robot Pepper is adding Buddhist priest to the list of careers the robot. Pepper can chant sutras in a computerized voice while hitting a drum.

Amazon’s AI for fashion - Amazon has developed an algorithm that can design clothing by analyzing a bunch of images to copy the style and then apply it to new items generated from scratch.

Google’s US search will help people check their depression label - People in the US who search Google for depression, will soon have the option to take a screening questionnaire to test whether they’re depressed. 

Windows 10 S
Windows 10 S can be installed on any PC - Microsoft works to extend the reach of Windows 10 S, that's why they released an installation tool that any user who has signed up for the Insider program can download and give Windows 10 S operating system a whirl on their regular machines.